Graveyard dirt death spell

Graveyard dirt is essential to many spells and concoctions. You may wish to choose your grave beforehand, or you can let the spirits guide you to the correct grave. If you choose your grave beforehand, do your research on the person who died and make sure that their life and death has something to do with your purpose. You may wish to find the grave of a heroic soldier, police officer, or judge when you desire true justice, or your object is protection. If you desire terrible revenge, those who died violent deaths are usually the best to choose.

If you are using your graveyard dirt for love or protectionyou can gather dirt from the grave of someone who loved you, or from an ancestor. And so on. Before you enter the graveyard, pause and declare your intention to the spirits there, and tell them that you wish to treat them with honor and respect. Show your offerings to the intended spirit. Traditional offerings include silver-colored coins, tobacco, and liquor.

If you knew the person and know specifically what they like, bring that. If you wish to be especially discreet, bring flowers to plant or bring a potted plant to place on the grave, and no one will think twice about you digging.

graveyard dirt death spell

Tell the spirit what you need and why. Tell the spirit you will pay for the dirt and their help, and present the offerings. Ask them if they agree. Sit silently and wait for their permission. When you have permission, thank them, and use a ritual knife to dig some dirt from their grave and put it in a bag.

If there was sod, replace it. If you were going to plant something here, plant it over the offerings. Thank the spirit again and take your leave. Before leaving the graveyard, address the spirits again, thank them for letting you do your work, and ask that no one follow you.

Spin around three times to confuse any spirits attempting to follow.

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Once you exit the graveyard, spin around three more times. Before entering your home, spin around three times again. Find the grave of your choice. If it is dark, use a natural source of light. You now have an extremely powerful ingredient.Macabre it may be, but graveyard dirt is a main staple of the hoodoo man and woman. For it to be most effective you have to get it from the coffin of a dead person on the waste of the moon at midnight. Even more importantly, you should leave a silver coin on the grave.

This will keep the spirit from bothering you. The other thing is you must never look back when you leave the graveyard, otherwise the spirit might follow you home.

Either that or he or she will immediately run away or leave town. But graveyard dirt is like guns or money; it can be used for good or evil. If you are in pain, for example, cook up some graveyard dirt with lard and mold it into the shape of a pancake.

Sprinkle on some turpentine and apply the mixture to the part of your body causing you pain. I opened it up and just inhale deeply from it, you can smell the rich Mississippi soil and it is almost intoxicating. Like saying why you were doing it, and asking permission. A true act of respect and an upholding of a unique and powerful legacy.

Well done. And thanks for doing it. Facebook Youtube RSS.

graveyard dirt death spell

The power of graveyard dirt by Doktor Snake. Why not read these:. Annono on January 11, at pm. Bibi on November 6, at am. I wanna hurt my boyfriend Reply. AM on November 17, at pm.

graveyard dirt death spell

Joe Austin on August 14, at pm. Doc on August 14, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.From Egyptian witchcraft to the practice of voodoo in the Americas, this strange but useful magical tool makes an appearance in spells from around the world. For example, if you want to use the dirt for a protection spell, the grave of your relative who worked as a police officer in life makes a great choice.

Graveyard dirt from the resting place of a successful banker works well for spells to guard your financial assets. Or, perhaps you plan to use the dirt in a court case spell. Collect your dirt from the grave of a prominent judge in your jurisdiction for justice and fairness in court.

If you maintained a close personal relationship with the deceased in life, great! All the better you maintained that relationship in death, either by caring for the site, bringing flowers or honoring them yearly at Samhain. This activity gives you a natural excuse to dig in the ground and an easy, discreet way to deposit some of the dirt into a small container. Show some kindness in return. Appropriate gifts to the dead include libations of wine or liquor, coins, or flowers.

Dried, ground patchouli is generally considered the most traditional substitute for graveyard dirt. Use high quality grounds for best results. These Death Wish grounds seem especially appropriate. Again, high quality grounds are recommended. For other ways to use cinnamon in witchcraft, check out 1 0 Ways to Use Cinnamon in Witchcraft. Countless spells and rituals call for graveyard dirt for anything from death rituals to elaborate hexes. But you need not employ it in a destructive way. Include graveyard dirt in Samhain rituals to honor the dead.

Sprinkle some around the perimeter of your magical circle to include the spirits of your ancestors in your ritual. If you plan to try a tarot spread to communicate with a loved one beyond the grave, put the graveyard dirt in a small, drawstring bag and store it with your tarot cards for a full moon cycle. During the dark moon, draw your cards and read them. Crossroads magic is its own thing, but you know it and work with it, leave some graveyard dirt at a crossroads when trying to decide between two paths in life.

Assign one path to symbolize one option, and one path to symbolize the other. The westward path to a decision based on your emotion or heart, or an Eastward path to represent an intellectual decision. Lovely for people who believe in reincarnation.Many times, when witches first start studying, they will run up against spells that call for oddly named ingredients.

Graveyard Dirt is one of those ingredients that typically earn a raised eyebrow the first time a new witch sees it. It can be used by itself, as an ingredient in Goofer Dustor in combination with poppets or other magickal items to serve the needs of the individual witch.

In the past, some people, typically ones who have never studied Hoodoo or natural Rootwork, especially some witches of the Wiccan variety speak against it, some have even written articles stating that a certain herb or mixture of herbs can take the place of actual Graveyard Dirt.

This is blatantly untrue. When a recipe calls for Graveyard Dirt, you need to use actual Graveyard Dirt. There is no appropriate substitution for it, regardless of what others may try to tell you. Graveyard Dirt is not that hard to collect, as long as you follow the proper procedures. It is a simple matter of finding a graveyard and choosing a grave to collect the dirt from while being respectful and giving offerings and payment.

This is crucial as you are thereby honoring the spirit whose grave you have chosen. Consider it as recompense for their working on your behalf. Not following these rules may cause side effects to your spells. One effect may be as simple as the spell failing to work. One effect may be the spell backfiring on the casting witch.

graveyard dirt death spell

Another may be as complex as the spirit working actively against you in a variety of ways, should the spirit decide you were rude or offensive when taking dirt from their resting place.

Anything in between is possible as well, so choose wisely and always be respectful of the deceased. Be certain to check local ordinances about the best times to visit the graveyard.

Some graveyards are closed to the public during certain hours and it may be hard to explain what you are doing if stopped during restricted hours by a grounds-keeper or officer of the law. If you are planning to use the Graveyard Dirt for beneficial or protective spells, it may be preferable to choose to use dirt from the grave of a loved one.

If your loved one was very protective, it can aid the spell, if using the dirt of a stranger, research the issue, or use your senses and intuition to guide you to the proper grave to meet your needs.

First, before you begin, make certain that you are justified in the use of the Graveyard Dirt. After all, Graveyard Dirt magick is not simply using the dirt, it is used to employ the spirit of the one buried for your purposes.

If the spell is petty or if the need is inconsequential, the spirit may be offended if called to action for such a spell.

Such as, if avenging yourself for a specific crime committed against you, search out someone whose spirit may have been a victim of that particular crime prior to their death. Third, explain what you intend to use the dirt for to the spirit of the person in detail so that they know what you intend. If they object, you will know. You may feel queasy, uneasy, or downright jumpy. This can let you know they are not willing. If they do not communicate negatively with you, you may proceed.Binding spells using graveyard dirt are super powerful.

Dust or soil of a cemetery is a powerful tool in voodoo magic and witchcraft. Very few actually they know the secrets of their use.


The territory of the dead is populated by the ghosts of the disappeared who were unable to ascend from this land. The responsible care taker of that territory, the owner of the gateway to the portal of the dead is Baron Samedi. No one can enter or leave without his permission or consent.

No voodoo magic work or another is done without his permission or consent. Voodoo work is normally done in a cemetery or graves using voodoo dolls. When you cast my Graveyard dirt love spells, you will obtain your love wishes immediately. The love entities in the paranormal world are willing to help. Those who are in shaky relationships can always seek such help. My Graveyard dirt love spells will increase passion, confidentiality, submissiveness and romance in your love affair. It will make your lover more positive in every aspect.

Graveyard Dirt: Shadows of Old Ghosts EP

Those who would like to dominate a lover and make them dance to their every whim will find casting this powerful Graveyard dirt love spells very useful.

Even if your lover is having a wandering eye. They are cheating on you. Stop that wandering eye Contact Dr. Your Telephone Number required. Your Email required. Love Spells Marriage love spells Bring back lost lover love spells Crush Attraction love spells Breakup love spells Stop a cheating lover love spell Divorce love spells Gay love spells Lesbian love spells Binding love spells Family love spells Love spells for your in-laws Other.

His or Her Name required. Country required. Your Message. Binding spells using graveyard Dirt works effectively Binding spells using graveyard dirt are super powerful. Nana Using The Form Below.My ex and I broke up July 6 It was a very bad break up. He military 25 years so he is very stubborn. I needed help and I realize I should and can do this for myself.

I did read your post on the friend who was beaten by this over protect man she had to have. Your granny took a year to remove the curse from her. I know and fully aware of my actions. I want him back and I love him. He will not speak to me and I do not have any contact with him except his car and outside his house.

So I read use graveyard dirt from a family member; so I went today to get: Graveyard dirt granny paid 1 quarter and 1 dime. Please contact me so I will know what to do next. My Dear, You say he is your ex, ex what? A man who has made the military his career for 25 years, is already harden.

Damiana Leaf is used in love spells to increase Lust. Catnip is for drawing love. Valerian root is used for love, protection, peace, to attract men, it can also be used to jinx and un-jinx. Calamus put into a red flannel bag with other love herbs is used to dominate a love affair. But the most important thing to do and you did not do it is to see if a reading will tell you if this will be successful.

This card in its reversed position means you should be accepting the loss that this man has moved out of your life. Because this card in the Reversed position also refers to a broken relationship or tragedy and also refers to a partnership or marriage that has fallen below expectations, has become disappointing.

This card is also saying you need to overcome your sadness and grief and then to get on with your life and realizing the value of what you still have. In time this loss, this dissatisfaction will give way to a new hope and understanding. And more importantly to a new man in your life. So the ritual or spell that you were hoping to do will never ever be successful, that is why the other love spells never worked. They never were going to succeed.

Give me the light of Your grace, that I may decide wisely concerning who will be my partner through life. May this person be upright, loyal, pure, sincere and noble, so that with united efforts and with pure and unselfish love we both may strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body.

Bless our friendship and May our mutual love bind us so closely, that our future home may ever be most like Your own. You are my guiding Star! Direct me to the person with whom I can best cooperate in doing God's Holy Will, with whom I can live in peace, love and harmony in this life, and attain to eternal joys in the next. The Valerian root can have a strong smell so you may want to keep it in your purse. Remember You need to first heal yourself from the pain of this break up and free your heart to welcome the new person who will come into your life.

Good Luck to you and Bright Blessings, Ms. Dear Amy, Please read my reply below your next post. Blessings, Ms. You will need to open those roads yourself but first you need to do two things. If you think you had something put on you, then you need to do an uncrossing ritual, look up on my Archive for Uncrossing baths, uncrossing spells etc. That will explain in depth how to do that.

Then write out your petition on plain brown paper torn from a brown paper bag add a drop of Road Opener oil to it, light a road opener candle or an orange candle that is also anointed with Road opener Oil.Witchcraft is about getting real results and seeing tangible change in your life. But dirt is magical. It has the power to support a wide variety of your witchy intentions, and it can store all kinds of energy depending on where you get your dirt from and how you use it. It might sound counterintuitive, but you can use dirt to cleanse your magical tools before or after spellwork.

To do this, dig a hole in your garden or backyard and bury whatever magical tools you need to cleanse in the dirt. Leave them in the ground for at least one night. Then dig them up, rinse them off, and use them for your next spell.

If you need to put your magical tools through a deep cleanse, leave your tools buried in the dirt for a full lunar cycle. If you do this, make sure you remember where you buried your items.

Place the pot outside by a window so it can absorb the lunar energy overnight. Burying items in dirt can also be an excellent way to cast a banishing spell.

To do this, write a word or draw a sigil that represents what you need to banish on a rock, a piece of paper, or a bay leaf.

You can banish anything you want. Bury the object in the dirt and leave it in there. If you ever wish to reverse your spell, you can dig up the object you buried.

This spell is best done during the waning moon. Dirt is also known for banishing a hex called the Evil Eye. If you suspect someone has cursed you, you can collect dirt from the four corners of your home and mix it all together. Graveyard dirt can bind two people together.

The power of graveyard dirt

Fold up the paper and put it in a bag. Sprinkle the graveyard dirt into the bag, and state your intention. This spell is powerful, and it should not be taken lightly. Scatter the ashes in a flowing body of water like a river.

Dirt can protect you and your home. To perform this protection spell, gather dirt from a graveyard. This dirt guards the passageway between life and death and it provides that same protection to my home.

Walk around the outside of your home and sprinkle the dirt mixture in a continuous circle. Another version of this protective spell is to sprinkle your salt and dirt mixture on a tea light or over the top of a candle as you state your intention aloud or in your head.